Watch this incredibly inspiring speech by Charlie Kim, CEO of Next Jump

I recently wrote about New York based company Next Jump and the world-leading things they’ve done to create a very happy workplace.

Here’s a fantastic speech from their founder and CEO Charlie Kim where he talks about the principles behind Next Jump:

Watching it, I was constantly entertained, enlightened and inspired. Two of my favorite points are Kim’s assertion that corporate values are meaningless (or possibly even harmful) and his passionate advice to get comfortable with failure. It’s great, great stuff.

It’s an hour long and I highly recommend watching the whole thing.

One thought on “Watch this incredibly inspiring speech by Charlie Kim, CEO of Next Jump”

  1. I found the talk a bit unstructured – he had so many things he wanted to say – but they were great things.
    About failure I would like to add that many people are afraid of success. When we succeed we have to live with a new reality – whether it is a slimmer version of ourselves, the first college students in the family, the richest among our siblings, the power balance with your spouse… – change can be so frightening that at the subconscious level we sabotage our own success.
    So when you fail, ask yourself if you have something important to gain from not succeeding, what success may threaten. Once you know what your are afraid of, there may be other more productive ways to quell your anxiety than to continue failing.

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