Company to employees: Got an idea for more happiness? Just do it!

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Last week when I was in London I met Gaye Andrews who is Head of Customer Service, EMEA at PEER 1 Hosting and very much the woman behind creating a great workplace.

She shared a cool policy they have: Any employee who has an idea to make work more fun or the office a little more cool that costs less than 100 can just do it and expense the amount.

As an example, that’s how they got space hoppers.

I think it’s a cool idea, that can remove layers of bureaucracy and get employees involved in making the workplace better and happier.

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2 thoughts on “Company to employees: Got an idea for more happiness? Just do it!”

  1. I think this is a pretty good idea. Having employees involve in making the workplace to a happier and better environment is like giving them the freedom to create what is satisfying for them. I believe that a happy workplace creates happy employees as well. And in that case, working wouldn’t be considered as a boring chore. People would love their work.

  2. This is a great idea. Not only does it let employees get involved in the day to day running of a company, but sets up a precedent that allows people to have a say in their own lives and share what they think is important.

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