Webinar + slides: Leading With Happiness

I just completed our latest webinar – this one is called Leading With Happiness – and  the video is live and available right here:

It’s 30 minutes long. If you want my slides, get’em right here.

We believe that there is a new style of leadership emerging – one that focuses more on doing what’s good for employees and customers than on short-term profits. A form of leadership, in short, that has happiness at its core.


  • What does happy leadership look like? How do you do it in practice?
  • How can managers themselves stay happy in their careers?
  • What are great examples of happy leaders?
  • Could it be that happy leaders ultimately create better results than traditional leaders?

I mentioned Southwest Airlines as a great example of a workplace that practices this. Here’s a video where their former President Colleen Barrett explains their thinking:

Our previous webinar was called “What REALLY makes us happy at work.” You can see it right here.

4 thoughts on “Webinar + slides: Leading With Happiness”

  1. That is actually a great point, John. A leader who focuses on happiness is not trying to “kill the competition” but would maybe focus more on creating a good relationship with them and thereby strengthen the field.

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