Herb Kelleher: I think people should have fun at work

I stumbled on this interview with Herb Kelleher, former CEO of Southwest Airlines and it is all kinds of awesome.

From the interview:

Well, I think people should have fun at work. It should be an enjoyable part of their life. They should gain psychic satisfaction from it.

I think most of us enjoy fun, and why not at work as well as at play? And so weíve always encouraged people to be themselves, not to be robotic, not to be automatons. We donít expect you to surrender your natural personality when you join Southwest Airlines. We want you to have some fun, we want you to have psychic satisfaction from your job. Itís not just about money, itís also how you feel about what you’re doing.

We want people to be recognized, participated, diligent and creative. And you canít ask people to be someone other than themselves and have that kind of creativity and dedication and participation. So, we liberate people at work.

Go see†the whole thing.

One thought on “Herb Kelleher: I think people should have fun at work”

  1. Great point. As someone looking to enter the start up world, how might someone draw the line between work and play in company culture? Is this a big thing to consider when prospecting for jobs?

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