Leading with Happiness – my speech from the World Happiness Summit in Miami

At the World Happiness Summit in Miami I gave a 15-minute speech on Leading with Happiness – the same topic I’m covering in my next book.

In the video I share what’s wrong with traditional leadership and its relentless focus on business results and give some great examples of leader who create more happiness for themselves, their employees, their customers and the world.

One thought on “Leading with Happiness – my speech from the World Happiness Summit in Miami”

  1. Great talk Alexander. Our firm has in the past two years been doing engagement audits measuring among other non-conventional metrics happiness at work, feedback and recognition and we have learned so much we are humbled. Our job is even more important because it is focused around making people happier in their workplaces in the African continent where the very phrase “happiness at work” is almost synonymous to “low productivity.” It was therefore really great to stumble upon your talk and hear you preach the same sermon we have been preaching! Great work!

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