Whoah – we’re on TED.com :o)

Holy crap – one of the videos from our conference last year is featured on the front page of ted.com. And featured very prominently! Which means that it has now been viewed over 50,000 100,000 times!

And it’s no wonder – the presentation in question was one of the highlights of our 2009 conference on happiness at work: Dr. Srikumar S. Rao’s wonderfully inspiring and funny presentation.

It very satisfying for me to know that something we helped create has now inspired so many people in the TED community and around the world. Also, it’s a professional ambition of mine to speak at TED – and this way, I almost already have – by proxy :o)

You can watch Srikumar Rao’s entire speech here (18 minutes):

Dr. Rao is the man behind the pioneering course Creativity and Personal Mastery. This is the only business school course that has its own alumni association and it has been extensively covered in the media including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the London Times, the Independent, Time, the Financial Times, Fortune, the Guardian, Business Week and dozens of other publications.

8 thoughts on “Whoah – we’re on TED.com :o)”

  1. Congratulations on getting this up there on TED. I’d be interested to know how it got there so quickly after it was made available.
    Nice to see my photos in the intro too!

  2. Congratulations Alex! I am sure this will do wondrs to raise your profile and will lead you to fulfilling your ambition to be up there in your own right!

  3. I always find that accomplishments help stretch my view of what is possible. Now that you have made it “by proxy” hopefully the distance between you and your goal will appear greatly shortened!

  4. Is there anything holy in “Holy crap.”

    In contrast with the content of Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)website, that just the image of “Holy crap” is so negative compared to the positive and happy energy on the CHO, that it turned my stomache. really.

    How can crap be Holy? When the majority of the world’s people believe in God I think it is safe to say that the concept of “Holy” is kept seperate seperate from “crap” (bowel movement) as a social standard.

    This is not happy

  5. ALEX

    I found your CHO site on TED . . . and I really enjoyed watching Dr. Rao’s presentation.

    The “Holy Crap” comment is a great way to express your bubbly exhilaration over the wide reach your site is now enjoying. Congrats!

    Regretfully, I think anyone who finds fault in such a Holy statement cannot possibly be a CHO Happy Face . . . and needs to rotate their happiness dial up to HIGH.

    Keep up the faith!

  6. I recently had to watch Srikumar Rao’s discourse on happiness and the whole idea of “investing in the process rather than the outcome.” I went into this “journey,” as Rao would call it, expecting very little–to fulfill an assignment–and came out of it with a refreshing new outlook on my own happiness, as it is something I recently have found myself struggling with. I started thinking about the attainment of such happiness as having a simple mind-over-matter solution and realizing that not everything HAS to work out the way I had hoped or imagined in order for me to be happy with the life I am living. This couldn’t have come at a better time and I guess I just wanted to say thanks :) Keep up the good work!!

  7. ParetoCentral is a job site for consultants, and many members join it thinking having flexibility at work and avoiding a bad boss will make them happy. While it helps, they may find other issues – such as lack of predictable income. But I reposted your article and video in our blog to make the point that the process they have undertaken (consulting career) itself is something they should enjoy.
    J MIchael, ParetoCentral.com – Post consulting jobs FREE @

  8. Alex, congratulations and great video by Srikumar!
    “You’ve spent your life learning to be unhappy.”
    “It’s the IF…THEN… mental model that’s failed.”
    “At that moment you accepted the universe exactly as it was.”
    “Your life is equally perfect at this moment.”
    “Actions are within your control but outcomes are not.”
    “Passion rests in you.”

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