How CEO Garry Ridge keeps the WD-40 organization happy in spite of COVID-19 How does an organisation get through a huge crisis like COVID-19 safely and happily? Garry Ridge is company Chairman and CEO at world-famous brand WD-40. I bet you have a can of WD-40 somewhere in your home! He is also a leader who has spent his career creating a culture where people can be happy and … Continue Reading ››

I’m leaving Woohoo Inc

Video: How to keep your workplace happy despite COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken workplaces in so many ways. Remote work, social distancing, and staying home is the new normal. Companies are affected, and many of them switched to “survival mode”, trying to keep their business afloat. In the video above I talk to to visionary CEOs about how they handled the COVID-19 crisis and … Continue Reading ››

Happiness at work in the time of Corona – back to basics

COVID-19 is a massive challenge for workplaces all over the world as well as a massive challenge for employees' private lives and mental health. Knowing that unhappy/stressed employees are less productive and less innovative (right when we need everyone to contribute to solutions to these challenges) it becomes crucial for companies to figure out how to … Continue Reading ››