F***ing cool

Kevin Briody doesn’t want people to think that his products are good:

I donít want their reaction to be a measured, rational, dispassionate analysis of why the product is better than the alternatives, how the cost is more reasonable, feature set more complete, …

I want ďf**king cool! Period.

I want that pure sense of wonder, that kid-at-airshow-seeing-an-F16Ėon-afterburners-rip-by so-close-it-makes-your-soul-shake reaction, that caress-the-new-Blackberry until-your-friends-start-to-question-your-sanity experience. I want an irrational level of sheer, unfiltered, borderline delusional joy.

That’s what I want for my book. That’s it, exactly!!!!!!!!

Via Kathy Sierra who once again outdoes herself with the graphic she made for her post on this topic.

Do you think creating something that arouses this level of passion in your customers/users might make you happy at work? I think it might :o)

One thought on “F***ing cool”

  1. Hi Kevin,

    according to main communication experts there are 250 different ways to define “Happiness”. So which is your wiew about the word “Happiness”?

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