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Happy LinksLearning Voyager thinks intelligent disobedience is important at work. “The ultimate application is in the field of organization development, where leaders are attempting to build a highly adaptive and successful organization. Unless the organization has a way to overcome its own blindness and detect a real and present danger, it may get run over.”

Slow Leadership has The Plain Truth About Work/Life Balance. “Achieving an acceptable degree of work/life balance is never going to be easy, but it won’t even be possible unless you first understand clearly what that balance is and how it works.” This blog has some of the most consistently great writing on leadership and work I’ve ever seen.

The Engaging Brand got great customer service – at the dentist! “I had a mother who gave me this HUGE fear of dentists…40 years into my life and the sweat rolls as I enter THAT room, and see THAT chair. But fear not, I have found a dentist who could coach you on turning an unhappy customer into an engaged one.”

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  1. Well cheif,I actually would like how 2 experience true happiness at werk,if only if I could find sumone who’d be gutzo enuff 2 hire me on.Unfortunately,I don’t think therz no one in dis losing little town called ironically enuff,Winchester KY.Who’d really be willing 2 take that sort of chance on me.Because they probably consider me 2 be way 2 much of an ASSO (autistic savant special officer) Which by da way I acually have a badge that sez “special officer” on 1 of my kapz.In which I purty much would like 2 becom’1 of your Special officerz or deputies.Whatever,that is if ya have been so appointed as well anoited,by our precsious Lord commisoiner on high,Jesus Christ.Of whom ya may consider him 2 be your soviergn savior as well as Lord of all Lordz.Which I most certainly hope that he is.Fore no1 could actually begin 2 experience true joy & harmony at work,home.Wherever,without him!

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