Your chance to play career matchmaker

JiibeMy good friends at jiibe have come up with a really cool little game that let’s you play God with another person’s career. Mwah-ha-ha-ha.

In this career version of a matchmaker TV show, you first watch a short video where job seeker Claire introduces herself and her career dreams. You then see three suitors (ie. three workplaces) describe themselves. Your job is to figure out where Claire would fit in best.

Go play Connection at There ARE prizes :o)

We’re all different and every companies is different. One person’s ideal workplaces is another person’s living hell. Jiibe helps you look at that.

Its really simple – the website asks you a series of questions, and you tell it how things are at your current company and how youd ideally like them to be.

At the end you get a description of your ideal corporate culture and a list of the companies that match it best – based not on how those companies define themselves but on how other jiibe users rated their workplaces.

Go try jiibe. My ideal culture is:


What’s yours?

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