3 thoughts on “Wow – this is one of the best speeches on happiness at work I’ve ever seen”

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  2. This is one of the most profound talks I have ever heard that nearly brought me to tears on a no. of occasions. One of the failures of capitalism has been this trend to put profits and performance above people and essentially to treat people as “hired hands”. As though profits were an end in themselves which disappear, from an employees point of view into an amorphous entity called shareholder value which has very little impact on their lives. If all companies were run along the lines of Barry-Wehmiller it would change almost every aspect of society. Congratulations, Bob Chapman!!

  3. Awesome to hear this awareness, support and encouragement in the work place. A long time coming…Truly making a difference from the inside out, by recognizing, and nurturing good and fruitful seeds in people to create more and a better world moving forward.

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